Daniel Orchard

Unreal Engine Solutions
Currently based in London, UK


My primary focus is in Unreal Engine development, with a wide-range of focus areas, including virtual production, performance capture, game logic, XR, C++, Slate, and Blueprint

I am currently focused on consultancy, contract and freelance work opportunities

I previous worked was as the Lead Unreal Developer for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The majority of my work has been in the film industry, but I have covered many other mediums over the years.

See my About page for a fairly complete list of past projects.

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Tutorial Series

Here you can find a list of high quality tutorials that I have made for Udemy

Tutorial Series
The Vault

Vault is an Unreal Engine plugin to empower asset re-use and recycling. Share and browse assets between projects in a centralized library

This project is currently on hold


I have a number of assets available for purchase from the Unreal Engine Marketplace, you can view them all below