Daniel Orchard

Solutions Engineer
Based in London, UK
Open to Remote development and on-location support
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About Me

I lead Zenith Digital, focusing on Unreal Engine development. My approach is grounded in solving complex problems and creating practical solutions. With experience in C++, Blueprint, and Editor Scripting, I work across different areas such as film, TV, and video games, striving to contribute effectively to each project.

My work history includes projects like Game of Thrones (Virtual Production), House of the Dragon (Pre-Vis VP), The Mandalorian (Tools Dev), Avengers: Age of Ultron (Performance Capture), and RSC's Dream 2021 (Lead Developer). You can see my past projects for more details. I focus on developing features, tools, and integrations that aim to be both robust and user-friendly, working to be a reliable member within the Unreal Engine community.

I believe in sharing knowledge and contribute by offering tutorials and courses on various online platforms, helping those new to Unreal Engine development.

I value straightforward and effective solutions, and I aim to be a dependable partner for projects ranging from large productions to new tech ventures. I’m committed to delivering quality work that pushes forward Unreal Engine development.

Project-based work suits me best, allowing me to apply my skills and knowledge where they're most needed. This focus helps me address specific challenges of each project, ensuring the delivery of tailored, high-quality solutions. My approach reflects a dedication to professionalism and a commitment to adding value wherever I can.

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Tutorial Series

Here you can find a list of high quality tutorials that I have made for Udemy

Tutorial Series
The Vault

Vault is an Unreal Engine plugin to empower asset re-use and recycling. Share and browse assets between projects in a centralized library

This project is currently on hold


I have a number of assets available for purchase from the Unreal Engine Marketplace, you can view them all below